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You are in some weird house. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Who made it?

All these questions don't matter when someone with a knife and a hammer goes towards you. See if you can escape this house... alive.

Important before playing

Move with WASD
Run with Left-Shift
Open doors, drawers and tables with left click
You move slower than she, unless you run

Moderately GPU-intensive, might lag on integrated video cards.

Linux build is not tested. Let me know if it works.

Please let me know if you are going to (or already streamed) this game. I am (@Igor Konyakhin) on discord.


Igor Konyakhin (Discord: @Igor Konyakhin#4348, Facebook: facebook.com/nns2009)
Development, 3d-modelling, level design, voice acting, hand painting

Thomas Brandoli (Discord: @Gnommy#5342)
Sound design

Tasya Stepanova
Kid's drawings, woman with a snake wall painting

Full disclosure: material textures (wood, metal, fabric) are taken from https://3dtextures.me. It's formally against the rules, but making the most of the game alone (programming, 3d-modelling, room hand-painting, level-design) with a help of a sound designer and a bit in paintings, I had no time to spent on textures so I had to make this compromise. Everything else in the game is original.


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LoveFullHouse-Windows.zip 93 MB
LoveFullHouse-MacOS.app.zip 94 MB
LoveFullHouse-Linux.zip 97 MB


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SKIP TO 16:20!!!

Hi, thanks for trying out my game! I haven't been on Itch for quite some time so I only noticed your post recently.

This game was done in a week and I've spent most of my time doing 3d-modelling. The story was planned but I eventually had to cut out pretty much everything because of how much time 3d-modelling actually took. And, yeah, there is a bug that the game doesn't reset your inventory.

I'm a bit of a weakling when it comes to horror, so even trying to start the game was a bit of trouble for me xD. However, I pushed through, proceeded to die multiple times, and only nearly screamed or at least whimpered for every single one of them. Great horror game, my sleepless night goes out to you!

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Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it!

I'll play your game today. It would be cool if you can make a Mac build.

Found all Keys :) Thanks for this good game Dev.....I made a video for you. :) 

Thanks for playing and recording a video!


I have downloaded your Mac app version and played

I just said thats amazing and horrible environment you made(painting on the wall and the cloth texture. Also the audio I guess you record by yourself and the atmosphere of the house). I try 3 times avoid the lady and hide in the ground. I guess I have saved but it really scare me when i suddenly found that woman appear in front of me. When i close to the locked door it would appear some sound hints which makes me feel better. Much details you have made in this game.

I love your painting style and the atmosphere.  

Yes, I did the voice-acting myself.

You are safe nowhere in the house:)

Really glad you liked it.